Friday, August 12, 2011


Well...I finally did it.  This is my first blog.  Random musings about life.  I am a classic "life-long learner".  I love to learn new things, research, and plan.  I am a teacher, wife, mom, and hobby enthusiast!  My newest passion is lampworking.  I began in May, and now have a full studio in my basement..It is amazing to heat the glass and watch it change and form into little works of art.  I am enthralled with each new bead I create.  My nephew who is 11 was here two weeks ago, and asked if I could make a turtle bead.  We ended up making several versions and they turned out really cute!  I'll post pictures eventually.

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  1. I look forward to the pictures!

    I'm also a craft-lover. I tend to get a little fickle with them though. Throwing pottery, knitting, painting, quilting..I need to pick one and stick with it! I'll probably want to try this once I see it:)

    Welcome to the blogosphere!