Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Starting a new business is ........

Well, the joys and pitfalls of starting a new business are pushing my stress buttons!  I am trying to get my new bead and jewelry business together and finding it a bit overwhelming at times.  I have decided on a business name, ordered business cards and a poster for when I do shows.  I am making a lot of beads, but can't keep up with interest right now - A GREAT problem!  I registered my domain name, am building my website, and trying to decide on a domain server.  I have my iphone on order (Thanks DH!)  and am looking forward to downloading the app so I can take credit cards.  I am preparing for my first "craft show"  and planning an open house for December.  Unfortunately, I also have a fulltime job and family!! LOL  It will all be great... just the process is daunting at times.  I feel like the girl in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - I WANT IT NOW!!

I feel better already just getting it out there...back to work and later bead making.